In addition to the below reviews has been written up in newspapers from Finland to Russia, to Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China. From Guestbook entries we know that at least 4 different Universities are including in their Internet classes. Vinny and Richie have even been invited to address Seminars on Internet Commerce in Bari Italy (via video conference) and Washington D.C.!

January 2000 - Britannica Presents Internet Guide Awards

"one of the best on the Internet" - " our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability.

We know quality is always difficult to accomplish and maintain. Congratulations on being a selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide. We look forward to our growing association in the future.

December 1999 - MSNBC

"The most exciting package came yesterday. The trusty folks in the mail room e-mailed the good news that the box from had arrived. I found by accident a few years ago, back when it seemed like only a few hundred of us were wired to the Web. The proprietors told me that even then, they got international orders for their sausages and salamis, often from places where such stuff wasn’t obtainable. As one of the original online merchants, they have, as evidenced by their diligent packaging, got the sending of perishable goods down to a science."

November 1999 -

BestBuysOnTheNet - November 1999

Staff writer Lynette Johnson said "Do you crave the aroma of garlic, sweet basil, and sun dried tomatoes? Or maybe you hunger for the tempting layers of cheese, meat, and pasta in a decadently thick lasagna? Of course, you might just wish you could find the ingredients you need to indulge in your favorite Italian dishes, without frantic searches through all the grocery stores in your town. Bestbuysonthenet has found a wonderful, authentic Italian specialty site at at that lovers of Italian cuisine just shouldn't miss."

And Bestbuysonthenet awarded us 3 STARS !!!

March 1999 - is designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory

Netscape's Open Directory Project lists us as #1 - they say "Your deli in cyberspace. lets you get all those Italian specialty foods that you might not be able to find in your local grocery store. Buy online and have it shipped directly to your home."

December 1998 - The Interactive Wall Street Journal

Author John Buskin said "At (, devoted to Italian food, I purchased a whole "Copacola Sweet" for $23.99. It arrived within a week"

November 28, 1998 - The Washington Post

November 22, 1998 - The Chicago Tribune said...

" If the person on your list prefers gourmet goodies, there are sites offering everything from live lobsters ( to jelly beans ( to lemon curdand scones ( Given my Italian heritage, it is not surprising that two personal favorites are ( and the Flying Noodle ( I've ordered custom baskets filled with the finest in Italian delicatessen foods -- pastas, sauces, olive oil, salami, cheese and pastry. (PS - as you may have noticed writer Sunni DeNicola is a customer of ours so she speaks from experience)om), devoted to Italian food, I purchased a whole "Copacola Sweet" for $23.99. It arrived within a week"

November 22, 1998 - Chicago Tribune


Dec 27, 1996

interview on CNBC television business news.

Jan 19 & 20 1997
CNBC show "How to succeed in business"

Jan 22 - 24 97
NBC television in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.

Pc Computing Magazine

Selected us as one of
The Top 100 Stores on the Internet!

And they gave us Four Stars

September 1998 - Microsoft's - Gave us a 3 star rating! - 3 STARS!

Visitors can shop at for a variety of Italian foods. Included at this online shop are gift baskets, cheeses, pasta, sausages, tomatoes and sauces, nuts, imported coffee and other Italian delicacies.


LYCOS - Top 5% Review

TOP 5% Review

In their review of our web site...

Lycos Rated us as in the Top 5%!!!

The Internet Epicurean

Gourmet Fare
A leader in the presentation of food and wine on-line, is pleased to announce that your site has won the "Gourmet Fare Triangle Award" for "Excellence in the Presentation of Food On-Line." The Triangle Award is given for content, design, and easy access of information.
New York Now
Picked as one of New Yorks 50 most useful sites. (February 6, 1997)


Your site has been selected one of New York’s 50 Most Useful Sites by New York Now. ( June 5, 1997) Our Second Selection!!

The All-Internet Shopping Directory Award

The All-Internet Shopping Directory selected us as a Top Shopping Site!!!!!
The Epicurus Awards
"It gives me pleasure to announce that your site has won an Epicurus Award as one of the 500 Best sites on the Internet. This is not a promotion, but a serious award for merit and excellence. " (April 6, 1997)

Robert G. Angelone
Chairman & CEO
The Epicurus Group of Companies

The New York Times

The New York Times
- food pages January 1997
New York Times Online - "Memoirs of an Online Shopper" May 27, 1997