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Cooked Entrees

(1/2 Tray: 8-10 People | Full Tray: 12-14 People)


*Whole Wheat or Gluten Free Pasta Available for Additional Charge

Penne Gamberi

Penne pasta tossed with fresh shrimp, broccoli florets & sundried tomatoes sautéed in a light garlic herbed brodino

1/2 Tray | Full Tray

70 | 100

Ravioli Gratinate

Homemade cheese filled ravioli with meat sauce & melted mozzarella cheese

60 | 90

Rigatoni Florentina 

Rigatoni pasta tossed with grilled chicken strips, spinach, & melted mozzarella, sautéed in a creamy pink sauce

60 | 95

Cheese Ravioli Marinara

Homemade cheese ravioli with our homemade marinara sauce

60 | 80

Baked Ziti

Ziti pasta tossed with fresh tomato sauce, ricotta, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheese

60 | 80

Orecchiette with Sausage & Broccoli Rabe

Ear shaped pasta with our homemade Italian sausage meat, sautéed broccoli rabe with a garlic & oil brodino

65 | 95


Baked pasta with fresh ricotta, mozzarella cheese & meat sauce

65 | 95

Rigatoni alla Vodka

Imported prosciutto sautéed in a creamy pink vodka sauce

60 | 80

Rigatoni alla Vodka with Chicken

Vodka sauce tossed with sautéed chicken

65 | 90

Baked Manicotti

Fresh homemade manicotti shells stuffed with ricotta in a tomato sauce

55 | 80

Stuffed Shells

Fresh homemade pasta with ricotta in a tomato sauce

55 | 80

Penne & Broccolli

Penne pasta & broccoli florets with a light garlic & oil brodino

60 | 85

Pasta Primavera

Penne pasta with assorted seasonal vegetables in a light garlic & oil brodino

60 | 80

Rigatoni Filetto Pomodoro

Rigatoni pasta in a fresh garden tomato sauce with basil

55 | 75

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Cavatappi pasta blended with creamy cheddar cheese topped with toasted bread crumbs

55 | 80

Stuffed Rigatoni Bolognese

Pasta stuffed with ricotta in a meat sauce

65 | 90

Penne Madeira

Grilled chicken strips & cubed homemade mozzarella sautéed in a madeira wine plum tomato sauce

65 | 90

Capellini Stelle Di Mare

Angel hair pasta tossed with shrimp, scallops & calamari in a marinara plum tomato sauce or spicy fra diavolo sauce

75 | 115

Tortellini Caprese

Fresh tortellini pasta made with fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella with a garlic & oil

65 | 90

Sunday Sauce

Rigatoni pasta with meatballs, sausage, beef braciola & pieces of pork in a slow cooked meat sauce

80 | 120


Steak & Peppers in Red Sauce

Sliced flank steak sautéed & tossed with fresh red, yellow & green peppers, onions & garlic in a light tomato sauce

1/2 Tray | Full Tray

95 | 129

Meatballs - Beef, Turkey or Chicken

Our famous homemade meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce

Also Available in Mini Meatballs

65 | 95

75 | 110

Sliced Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy

Filet eye round roast beef cooked medium & sliced, covered with a brown mushroom gravy 

80 | 120

Veal & Peppers

Chunks of veal stew slow cooked and blended with mixed peppers in a homemade tomato sauce

80 | 120

Veal Marsala

Tender veal medallions in a marsala wine sauce with fresh mushrooms

100 | 149

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana

Tenderslices of veal medallions golden fried with homemade tomato sauce & fresh mozzarella

100 | 149

Veal Picatta

Tender veal medallions with artichoke hearts & capers in a white wine lemon basil sauce

100 | 149

Veal Sorrentino

Tender veal cutlets sautéed & layered with imported prosciutto, golden fried eggplant and topped with fresh mozzarella in a light sherry wine sauce

100 | 149

Sausage & Peppers 

Homemade Italian sausage, grilled & mixed with baked fresh peppers & onions

70 | 100

BBQ Spare Ribs

Slow cooked pork ribs tossed with our homemade BBQ sauce

80(30pc) | 120(50pc)


Beef tripe made with potatoes, peas, onions in a fresh tomato sauce

60 | 85

Sliced London Broil with Au Jus Gravy

Sliced London broil steak cooked medium & sliced, covered with Au Jus Gravy

100 | 130

Sliced Turkey Breast with Gravy

Fresh roasted turkey breast sliced and layered with our homemade turkey gravy

75 | 120

Pulled Pork

Deliciously tender meat with BBQ sauce, served with 3 lbs of homemade coleslaw and 24 slider rolls

85 | 125

We specialize in custom orders. If you don't see it on our menu, please ask.
Orders subject to NYS Sales Tax. Prices subject to change without notice.

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