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Name: 5 lbs of Sausage Special
Group: Products
Name: Broccoli Rabe Thin Sausage
Group: Products
Name: Cheese & Parsley Thin Sausage
Group: Products
Name: Thick Cheese & Parsley Sausage
Group: Products
Sausage Special

5 lbs. of Assorted Sausages. **To insure quality and freshness, this product will be shipped 2ND Day Air ahead of the rest of your order**

Product Description:

"A Sausage Sampler!"

This sampler contains 1lb. of each of the following sausages:

1. Sweet thick Sausage
2. Hot thick Sausage
3. Cheese and Parsley thick Sausage
4. Sweet thin Sausage
5. Cheese and Parsley thin Sausage


Delivery Methods:
UPS Delivery

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